What’s My Job? trick


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Another highly visual and easy to perform effect from children’s entertainer Sammy Patrick Smith…The magician displays a picture book of people at their different jobs-a doctor, chef, plumber, police officer, welder, fire fighter, artist, farmer, etc. A spectator freely selects one picture, let’s say a firefighter. A prediction envelope-in full view the whole time-is now opened. “And here is my prediction, the fire fighter-when he was just a baby!” The performer removes a picture of an infant in a baby bonnet! (Groans and laughs from the audience.) “Well, he knew from the very beginning what he wanted to be when he grew up, and of of course, he decided to become ..a fire fighter.” The picture is turned around, it’s a firefighter!

Large, clear drawings make this great even for large audiences.

Comes complete.

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