This is one of those effects whose methodology is as good as the trick itself – it will tickle you pink every time you perform it.

It’s not entirely new territory for the Dobbmeister – he produced a wallet in conjunction with Alan Wong that contained the wherewithal to do this effect, and Heads Up was one of the routines supplied with his AFW wallet.

But Heads Up 2.0 is cleaner, cheekier and more of a fooler – and more organic with just a post-it note, which is entirely in keeping with the theme of the game that forms the core of the presentation.

You offer to get into a game of ‘Forehead Detective‘. You know the sort of thing; everyone has the name of a famous person stuck on to their back or forehead in a way that everyone can read the name except them. By asking questions with yes/no answers, everyone has to work out who they are.

A spectator writes any 3-digit number on a post-it note, and sticks it on your forehead: they can read it but you cannot. You reciprocate with a note on his head. When the notes are revealed you chose the same numbers. You could do it with drawings of objects, names….even playing cards.And, because this is Wayne Dobson, there is a comic twist at the end.

Heads Up 2.0 comes with a gimmicked super sticky note pad and a matching sticky note pad (You need both to perform the effect) with video instructions taught in details by Mike Sullivan.

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