Invisible Spelling by Brandez video


Magician shuffles a white business card with name and deals off 24 cards into a face down pile,then divided into two piles of 12 cards each at the direction of a spectator.

Spectator selects one of the piles and the other is discarded. (spectator selects it will be use)

No forcing
This piles of 12 name on business cards is divided into two piles of 6 cards each.

The spectator choose one piles free choice,now thinks of one of the name in this group of 6 cards. And the magician can guess the name chosen by the spectator… amazing…

Easy to do

No sleight of hand

No duplicate

No marked

No forces

No mathematics

No fishing questions

Free to choose the piles

Support for online/zoom show

You can learn it in ten minutes time

You just need blank business card and marker to do this amazing mentalism. This is amazing mind blowing magic effec!

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