The Ultimate Deck Flip Pass by Priyanshu Srivastava and JasSher Magic video


The pass has always been an obsession for magicians around the world. Some are scared of the move while some take it as a the ultimate challenge.

No matter how perfect you are at doing the pass. If you flash, Even for a millisecond. The spectator will know that obviously there’s something fishy going on. 

Until now! 

Now you don’t have to be afraid to flash your pass in front of the spectators . Do it right in front of them.

This beautiful pass can be done right in the spectator’s face and they’ll never have a clue about what just happened. 

It will look just like a deck flip flourish.

This technique can be used in many different ways.
No forces.
No tension of holding breaks.
The card can be controlled either to the top or to the bottom of the deck. 

Let the spectator cut the card into the middle of the deck! 


The spectator chooses a card. The card is very fairly cut into the middle of the pack. The magician shows that he’s not holding any breaks. He flips The deck and now without any funny moves, turns over the top card, guess what? The top card is The spectator’s card. Even though the spectator himself, saw the card go into the middle.

A move that can be applied to pretty much any trick out there. Be it an ACR routine orr a sandwich effect. The ultimate deck flip pass covers it all.

What u get when you will purchase this download…

An instructional video.. That covers…

– Deck flip
– Deck flip pass version 1 (main method)
– Deck flip pass version 2
– Deck flip pass version 3
Each and every thing has been taught in super great detail.

The ultimate deck flip pass is a must for your repertoire!


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