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Paul Romhany started VANISH in 2011 and is considered the most cutting-edge magazine for magicians in the world. Each issue contains magic tricks, reviews, essays, feature stories and more.


108 pages

  • Feature artist Murray who lives in Las Vegas. The story of his rise to fame and continued success in Vegas.
  • Tribute to Roy Horn who passed away
  • The Transition to Online Show by Paul Romhany
  • Top Six Interactive Magic Tricks
  • The Art of Magic and COVID-19 by Eric Eswin and Wittus Witt
  • A Day in The Life of a Master of Illusion by Nick Lewin
  • Word On the Street – Eric Evans shares tips on working the street
  • Laughter Is the Best Medicine – Colin Underwood looks at working hospitals
  • The Captain’s Nightmare – Trick – by Judge Gary Brown
  • Molotov Cocktail – Trick – by Gregory Wilson
  • Product Highlight – Rubicon by Gregory Wilson
  • Progressive Coins – a Virtual Trick – by Louie Foxx
  • Polaroid Card – Trick – by David Attwood
  • A Squib In the World – An English Lesson from a dyslexic by Felicity Fields
  • Magic Is Education by Jeff Christensen featuring Andi Gladwin
  • Product Highlight – Full Bloom by Gaeton Bloom
  • Magical Wisdom – Focus on Dr. Larry Hass
  • Masters of American Midwest with Tristen Crist – a look at his theatre
  • Product Reviews – Timeless by Vanishing Inc, Creditka by Artifex, Cee-lo by Louie Foxx, Amaze Wands by Danny Orleans, The Informer by Lloyd Mobley, The Magna Book Test by Michael O-Brien, Brain Games by Harvey Raft, Untruth by Rich Li, It’s A. Ringer by Nick Lewin


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